Thursday, December 29, 2005

Laziness & Procrastination

was tidying up my room just now and i realised i've been getting better at being lazy and can procrastinate longer; at least in the beauty and body care dept.

eyelash curler
pretty much untouched this year. and i totally forgot about mascara until i saw my friend at ivy the other night.

has been blunt for months so i only use it when i need the gothic look. finally sharpened it just now

stopped washing them every week and i can't remember when was the last time i did. therefore, no eyecolor but luckily i have a roll-on eyecolor as backup. as for foundation, i now use fingers. the only brush i use now is blusher (no way out really unless i get a roll-on blusher as well). washed the brushes just now too.

don't need to use it anymore. less one item to wash. yay!

nail color
hardy used it this year so it all hardened. what a waste! and i got a manicure set from colleague for christmas. she said "you color your nails right?" i was like "ermm... yeah". lol. well, i used to and i'm going to start again tonight.

body salt scrub
still a quarter left since last year's christmas! gotta use it this weekend.

facials & spa visits
none this year, i think