Sunday, June 26, 2005


been crazy about this song lately and it's easy to remember that i can sing along!

光良 - 童话

忘了有多久 再沒聽到你
我想了很久 我開始慌了

你哭著對我說 童話裡都是騙人的
也許你不會懂 從你說愛我以後

張開雙手 變成翅膀守護你
你要相信 相信我們會像童話故事裡


michael wong - fairytale

forgot how long it was
not hearing you anymore
telling me your favorite fairy tale
I thought for a long time
I started to worried
Did I do something wrong again?

You cried and told me
fairy tale is a lie
It's impossible for me to be your prince
or maybe you don't understand
since the day you said you love me
the stars in my sky are brighter

I wish I was the angel in the fairy tale
the angel that you love
open out my hand
transformed into a pair of wings to protect you
you must believe
believe that we will be like the fairy tale story
hapiness will be our ending

write our ending together


joel said...

wow. this song has been getting everywhere these couple of mths. one of the most picked in karaokes too.
anyway, how did you manage to type chinese into the blog? i remember it always doesn't show correctly when i try to type in chinese.
hhhmmm... come to think of it, you don't read chinese, right?

sheryl said...

nope. i can't really read chinese. i copy and paste the lyrcis from a website.
it's easy to memorise so can sing in karaoke. hehehe

Anonymous said...

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