Saturday, July 09, 2005

London bombing: Death toll > 50

thank god my sis is ok. i was lucky to get her on the phone that day and we chat for almost an hour. i heard that the phone network was jammed up and a lot of calls couldn't get through. my mom's phone rang non stop. grandma, aunts and uncles called her to check on my sis. some tried to call my sis directly but couldn't get through. i kinda get the feel of what happened over at this end on 9/11; probably not as intense as new york is pretty far away from chicago but one end of london to the other end of london is pretty close.

my sis didn't go to town that day. her job assignment was in town for the next day but she was advised not to go. the bombing didn't affect much of her surroundings as she lives in the suburbs. just the usual patrol guy and helicopter are missing. they're probably being depatched to help out in town. i hope all of her housemates are ok. they don't have a working tv at home so it most probably won't take an emotional toll on her. this incident just brings back the memories of 9/11. :(


kiLikiNa said...

i know what you mean. i remembered how frightened were we when it happened on 9/11. i'm glad that your sis is okay. i just wish i knew whether my friend in london is okay. sigh!

KY said...

glad that all is well. :)