Wednesday, August 24, 2005

beautiful penang

it feels so nice taking a ferry ride in the morning with clear skies and gentle breeze. instead of rushing over on the bridge, you get to relax and enjoy the ride. i think i'll make ferry ride a must have when i visit next time. as usual, the food in penang is awesome. this time, i didn't get to have any of those famous hawker food; fried keow teow, laksa, penang mee, etc etc. instead i get to have good seafood. my client brought me to this seafood restaurant that serves tasty chicken wings, super sweet 'la la' and they even have fried ice cream in a doughnut dough! however, i definately won't know how to get there again. then for last night's dinner, we had steak and ribs at one of the restaurants along burma road. when i looked at the menu, i was quite surprised at the type food they serve. good food there as well. we went to this teow chew restaurant at chai leng park for lunch today. the soup base for their porridge and noodles is delicious. and they are plenty of seafood in there as well. too bad i couldn't stay for the weekend, just too much work needs to be done at the office. really feel like taking a break and stay here for a few days. next weekend maybe?

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joel said...

n u neva called!!!

KY said...

never called me either! hehe

sheryl said...

joel, i did thought of calling you up. but since i'm travelling with client, i've got no personal time. :(

ky, i was there on business on weekdays.

joel said...

oh, that's alright. i'm just having fun.:P
btw, nice pic of the sky. what camera?