Friday, August 26, 2005

silly me

i put a dvd movie into the dvd player and press play. the room was filled with chinese instrumental music with no video on the tv. and the player was making noise reading the disc. it's so strange. this has never happened before. i stopped the player and ejected the disc. surprise, surprise! when i took the disc out, i found it strange why the disc is so thick. only then did i realise that there's 2 disc smacked together. so the player was playing my dad's cd just now. i didn't look when i put the dvd in. hahaha! and i thought i got cheated by the dvd seller.

guess i really do need a break but next month's schedule too tight. sigh!


KewLgaL said... happened to me before. but mine's with my office pc's cd-rom and as a result of my carelessness, I lost some of the nice pictures I took in Chicago! because the cd-rw disc went unreadable after that *sob*sob*

KY said...

how's stuff going sheryl? :)

KY said...

merry x'mas sheryl

DK said...

Luckily the disc wasn't spoilt because of that.