Wednesday, April 06, 2005

absent-mind part 2

yesterday, when i head out to work, i forgot to bring my bag of clothes for pilates class. due to an unforseen event, i didn't make it to the class either. today, i left my car keys in my car for the whole day. luckily it was parked inside the office compound. i only realised that my keys were missing when i digged for them inside my bag while i was going to get my car.

4 days in a row is a record! what's up with me? it better not get worse. sigh!


su-jin said...

sounds like you need Gingko Biloba... want me to get you a bottle to try? ;)

sheryl said...

haha...thanks. my mom used to force me to take them. the rest of week was quite back to normal so i guess i don't need them for the time being

KY said...

just being silly? hehe