Monday, April 25, 2005

Bali trip

Didn't really enjoy the trip. I was not on a holiday mood nor a shopping mood at that time. Just wanted to be lazy after all the long hours in the office.

The first night was alright as we walked through Kuta town and had some tasty local food. There's a very nice looking and very huge pool next to the HRC that's opened to be public but it's super expensive. I think it's like RM40 per entry. Got pretty tired from all the walking so didn't join the guys at the pool for night swim.

We took a guided tour the next day and went to Ubud. That's for shopping and stuff there are real cheap. Almost everyone were busy checking out stuff and buying so I felt I should buy something too and got a few items. After lunch, we went to visit the King's temple and the monkey park. Later, we went to Tanah Lot to see the sunset. It was a dissapointment as there were clouds blocking the sun just when it was setting. sigh!

The 3rd day was a free day and so after breakfast, I went to laze on a deck chair on the beach with my book and ipod. About 30 minutes later, the girls said they're going out for massage and shopping. I felt that it's too early to head out but since they're going, I followed cos I didn't want them to worry if I were to be alone. While we're having late lunch, there was a procession along the street. Did more shopping, went back to the hotel and dropped the bags off and head to the massage place. Massage was pretty good especially the legs (after walking for the whole day). After that, we walked to the hawker center and tried some of their local food like terang bulan, martabak, rojak, some sup based noodle which I have forgotten the name, etc. We ordered so much food but it only cost Rp 10,000 each.

I missed the beach. 2 of the guys went and saw 10m high waves! It was full moon so the tides were high. The locals were also having some sort of ceremony, thus the procession.

Photos here