Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shower in the dark

Power went out when i was in the middle of a shower last night. So had to shower in complete darkness as the bathroom is in the middle of the house. When I got out of the shower, my family had just lit up the house with candles. I got a torch light and went to my room to dress.

Couldn't do anything, not even sleep as my hair was wet. Thought of going online with my ibook but no power means no wireless broadband. Furthermore, cell phone was running low on battery and was only charging when the power went out. Ended up flipping the papers with a candle next to it. Was already feeling tired and sleepy. Luckily power came back up 2 hours later. Quickly blow dry my hair and went to bed. When I was just falling asleep, colleague called to ask about the outcome of the earlier meeting. Still slept soundly after that and took a long time to get off bed this morning. Hair was in a mess!


joel said...

hey hey. :)
u got to bali b4 i did.
btw, showering in the dark is kinda cool sometimes. makes u wonder y u din really pay attention to how things are located in the bathroom when u got light.

KY said...

why am i not surprised that your cell battery is always low? =P

su-jin said...

oooh.. showerin in the dark.. sounds kinda kinky. o.O

sheryl said...

i think you can say that i never pay attention to where things are located. that's y i always keep my stuff at the same place so i know where to find them.

complete darkness is not kinky! can't see a damn thing

KY said...

still the same post? updates.. updatessss