Saturday, May 14, 2005


that's the amount i paid to fill up my 'lil car's gas tank a few days ago. i never thought a small car needs over 50 bucks of gas. and it only lasts for like 10 days, which does not include going out on weekends. this (10 cents per litre) is the most significant increase in gas prices so far and rumour has it that it'll be increased again. sigh! too bad there's no train stations around my home or workplace.

this past week has been a lot better; shorter working hours, less stress, one surprise deadline which we managed to handle well, and more time spent with loved ones. :)

there are still quite a number of minor stuffs that needs to be done for marine to rollout on june 1st. target to complete in 2 weeks. also, client wants me to travel with them to demo the system. it would be a nice break for me but with so many projects on hand, i might get someone to go instead.


su-jin said...

OMG!! that's it! i'm forever gonna ride my little kapchai...

KY said...

u can move to taman bahagia, got LRT station u know. :P