Tuesday, May 17, 2005

bad bad week

and it's only begining of the week! my ibook was working fine in the morning, then instead of switching it off, i closed the lid and left it to sleep. an hour or two later, i open the lid again but the light on the display doesn't come back. i closed the lid, and open it up again but still no light. so i switched it off. the next day, i turned it on and i can faintly see the login screen through the darkness. :( hope it's nothing major. planning to bring to it to fix tomorrow morning.

my tire got punctured yesterday. my car was parked at my client's building and when i got to my car after the meeting, i noticed that it's flat. luckily i managed to call my colleague for help. he came over and helped me changed the tire. while i was waiting for him to arrive, it occured to me that about 2 years ago, he too helped me when i was involved in an accident. anyway, when i brought the tire to the tire shop this morning, they said the cut on the tire looked like it was done on purpose. i'm shocked! my car was properly parked at a parking spot so why would someone do that to me?


KY said...

poor gal.. it's time to take the LRT!

as for the tire, maybe it's a case of mistaken identity?