Monday, April 04, 2005


yesterday, went out earlier than usual to have breakfast at mt. kiara before heading to work. just when we're going over to the store, i realised that i forgot the KEYS! so, i had to drive all the way home to get the keys and ended up almost 30 minutes late. didn't think there was any customers though. thank goodness. then when it was time to close the store, we couldn't find the lock. luckily we found it inside a box on the counter.

today, i left the office without the documents for tomorrow morning's meeting. i was almost half way home and had to head back to the office to get the documents. luckily one of my colleagues were still there so i managed to get in and get my stuff. ended up had to pay 2 extra toll. sigh!

why??? too much on my mind? stress? hope it doesn't go on for the rest of the week.